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RS TV Show Tracker

Project summary

RS TV Show Tracker is a software designed for TV show addicts – by a TV show addict.

The software allows you to keep track of all the TV shows you watch, by notifying you when a new episode was aired.

Key features of the software:

1 The software only runs on Windows 7 and above.
2 This is accomplished by monitoring the open file handles of your video player. If an episode is open for more than 10 minutes, it’s marked as seen.
3 Scanning a 1 TB local drive containing 11,016 files and 783 folders takes only 0.23 seconds!
4 This feature only works when the target directory is on an NTFS partition.

Site support

The software supports the following sites:

* Features marked with a red asterisk are not yet available in the stable release, however if you’re feeling adventurous, they should be in the nightly builds.
1 Wikipedia and The Futon Critic support is very experimental and not yet selectable by users.
2 BitMeTV’s support has been deprecated due to their decision to globally ban a whole country. Don't click here.
3 EzTV is currently not included because eztv.it’s search is bogus.
4 Unfortunately Katz.cd was hacked and there’s a good chance it won’t come back online. More infos here.
5 PreScene has been removed because the database wasn’t always up-to-date and the servers were very slow to answer for some search queries.
6 Unfortunately Google has deprecated all of their web search APIs, so while they still work, all methods which use it should be ported in time to Bing.
7 Tube+ was removed in commit d653ade30141e8c47d90ee7668d52a32c1f43f4d.
8 Scroogle was discontinued and the new intended replacement is Seeks-Project.
9 ev0.in, Mukki.org and PhazeDDL have ceased to exist.
10 TVTorrentz.org has moved on.

Future plans


The software was designed to automatically search for derived classes in the current application domain of a base class and use them. This way, every component of the software is extendable. You can integrate your own site into the software just by extending a class: this can be done either from within a .NET language compiled to a library or an external python script, which the software will interpret at runtime using IronPython.

A lot of useful methods are publicly exposed in the faviconRoliSoft.TVShowTracker.Utils class for you to use.

More informations on how to develop plugins can be found on the Plugins page.

Get involved!

To browse the source code of the project go to GitHub or BitBucket.

To get the source code and compile it, you’ll need to install git and either Windows 8.1 SDK or Visual Studio 2013, then issue the following commands:

git clone git://github.com/RoliSoft/RS-TV-Show-Tracker.git
cd tvshowtracker

To edit the project you will need Visual Studio 2013, because it’s a .Net 4.5 WPF application.

The source is distributed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License, which is an OSI-certified open source license.

Latest commits

Support the development

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