About me

Short intro

I'm a ··.········ year old self-taught passionate .NET developer and technology enthusiast. In my free time I like playing with new technologies and hacking random stuff. I'm not afraid to tackle hard problems; if one sparks my interest, I'll research its topic with my mad google-fu skills and then go to great lengths to solve even the most miniscule problem.

Depending on the problem I'm working on, I can either function as a caffeine-fueled code monkey who solves the problem at hand no matter how far I have to go (even if the problem is small and wouldn't otherwise worth the time, I like the challenge) by writing procedural code in a scripting language, or function as a software developer who writes clean, documented, secure, and fast object-oriented, functional and/or aspect-oriented code.

If I have to do the same thing all over again, I'd rather spend that time to whip up a script in Python or Perl to automate it.

Currently I'm a student and most of my projects aren't finished, because the main purpose of starting them was to accumulate knowledge in the given field. For example, RS Chat was not meant to be a successful chat application, instead while coding it, I researched and learned about cryptography and TCP/IP in great detail. In the same way, RS Laser Motion Tracker gave me a great insight into computer vision and neural networks. The reason I started this project, is because I really thought computer vision is futuristic, so I decided I have to do a project involving it, no matter how hard it will be.

Counter-examples (active projects) are RS TV Show Tracker which was born because keeping track of the shows you're watching on paper, Notepad or Excel is not really fun. This proves my point that I'd rather whip up a script to automate things, but since this had a great potential as a desktop application, I reimplemented it in C# with a nice WPF interface. My other long-running project is RS TV Show Recommendation Engine which started out as an idea, and since reddit liked it, it ended up being implemented several days later. Today several other projects rely on its API to deliver recommendations to their users.

I'm currently studying Computer Engineering at Sapientia EMTE.

Get in touch

You can contact me at ten.tfosilor@toor, PGP 0x0A934BBC. Further contact details, such as instant messengers and phone numbers, are available towards the bottom of the résumé page located at rolisoft.net.