RS Software Downloader

This project was developed in 2011. It is now deprecated, however it may make a comeback. This page only exists for archival purposes, for now.

Project summary

Key features of the software:

This software was mainly developed because the most boring and time-consuming part of a Windows reinstallation is installing all the software you're going to use.

It's not inteded to be a real package manager. Actual package managers work with their own internal database and this gives them both advantages and disadvantages: they can silently install and then keep a software up-to-date, however, they can only work with software listed in their database. Usually the less popular software will have out-dated versions or they won't be in the database at all.

This software can search on most of the major software download sites, list results, download the installer, and then launch it. After the installation finished, the installer will be deleted from the %TEMP% directory.

Supported Sites

Silent Installation Support

When asked to preform a silent installation, the software will be able to identify the following major installation systems and initiate a silent installation:

The success of the silent installation will be determined by the installation processes exit code. All major installation systems return 0 when the installation was successful and +1 when the installation was cancelled by the user or failed due to some other reasons.


The software has minimal scripting-like features. You can create a new txt file and write a software name on each line. When this file is passed to the software, it will automatically try to install them.


If a line starts with ; it will be treated as a comment. When a line starts with >> a new group is created with that name, and any software below it will belong to that group. After any software name, you can append some operators:


; install the drivers strictly from FileHippo
ATi Catalyst Vista 64 @fh
Realtek High Definition Audio Vista 64 @fh

; install Tor with Vidalia from Softpedia
Tor @sp ^vidalia

; install Secunia PSI strictly from Softpedia, CNET or SnapFiles
Secunia Personal Software Inspector @sp @cn @sf

; get 64-bit Notepad2 from Softpedia
Notepad2 @sp ^x64


To demonstrate how easy it is to install software with this utility, here's a list of supported software by some of the competitors:

These files were formatted to be compatible with RS Software Downloader; just download them and drag-and-drop them into the software's start page.


Automatic download and silent installation turned on

The software will search on the supported sites, select the best candidate and download it. [pic. 2-3]

If silent installation is turned on, the software will analyse the downloaded executable, determine the installation system and launch the file with the according arguments.

In this case the setup was created with NSIS, so the launched process is KMPlayer- /S [pic. 4]

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Batch installation

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot